To Employees Having Trouble Reaching Employee Rights Attorneys…

As of late, with the economic downturn, many employees have tried contacting Employee Rights attorneys, including my firm and me, but have had trouble being able to speak to an attorney, or to arrange a consultation, etc.  In the past, I tried to offer brief and free phone consults for all who called, but at this time logistically I cannot speak with many people, or have consultations free of charge.

If you don’t speak to me, please know this is nothing at all personal about you or your matter.  Also, if you have troubles reaching other employee rights attorneys, please do not take that personally, either.

If you think there is any chance you may proceed with a legal action, it is important you promptly learn about your rights and any deadlines (statutes of limitations) that may apply.

If you want to speak to an employee rights attorney in Wisconsin or any other State, please consider visiting the National Employment Lawyers Association (NELA) website here, where you can do a by-State search, and get listings of employee rights attorneys’ contact information. I give you this link with the disclaimer that I am not recommending that you retain, or not retain,  any particular attorney who may be listed.  This is just a centralized resource where many employee rights attorneys’ contact information is  located.

Hopefully, you will get through to an attorney who is available and who you are comfortable with.

If anyone knows of a free attorney/legal resource(s) that is available and focused on receiving inquiries from employees with employment law concerns, particularly in WI, please let me know.  I’d be happy to forward the contact information.

Thank you very much for your inquiries, and sorry again if we don’t get to talk.


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