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For Those in WI Considering a Do-It-Yourself Discrimination Complaint, Consider This…

On many occasions, employees have called me for advice afterthey have filed a discrimination complaint with Wisconsin’s Department of Workforce Development Equal Rights Division (ERD), or the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

When I review their situations, I find that many of those employees should not, in my opinion, have filed their discrimination complaints.  These employees’ matters are not usually frivolous, and there is usually sound basis to think their employers treated them unfairly.  However, being treated unfairly does not itself make for a good discrimination claim.

This is one of the many important things an employment attorney could tell you before you file a discrimination complaint- that is, if you ask.  There are some other important factors that do-it-yourselfers, given their unfamiliarity with the legal process, are commonly unaware of.

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