Other Attorneys/Private Practice

Lists of Other Private-Practice Employee Rights Attorneys

National Employment Lawyers Association (NELA)

NELA is a nationwide organization of employee rights attorneys.  You can search for employee rights attorneys, by State, at NELA’s website:  www.nela.org

Wisconsin Equal Rights Division (ERD) Attorney Referral List

Here is a link to ERD’s list of employment and employee rights attorneys located in Wisconsin: http://dwd.wisconsin.gov/dwd/publications/erd/pdf/erd_8240_p.pdf

Other Listing

Below are WI employee-rights attorneys who represent workers.  The attorneys agree to represent some workers on a contingency basis.  Whether they would agree to do so for you is up to them and you, and depends on the circumstances.  I believe most of these attorneys will represent workers from anywhere in Wisconsin.  (While you may prefer to hire an attorney located in your city, please know that is usually not necessary in my observation).

Walcheske & Luzi- Attys. James Walcheske & Scott Luzi

Brookfield Main Office; 200 South Executive Drive, Suite 101, Brookfield, WI 53005

Phone: 1-262-780-1953, Fax: 1-262-565-6469

Appleton Office – 4321 West College Avenue, Suite 200, Appleton, WI 54915

Phone: 1-920-757-2440, Fax: 1-262-565-6469


Attorney Brenda Lewison – Law Office of Arthur Heitzer

633 W. Wisconsin Ave., Suite 1410

Milwaukee, WI 53203-1920

(414) 273-1040


Atty. Jeff Scott Olson, The Jeff Scott Olson Law Firm SC

131 W Wilson St Ste 1200

Madison, WI 53703-3225

Phone: (608) 283-6001

Fax: (608) 283-0945

Email: jsolson@scofflaw.com

Atty. Sandra Graf Radtke, Gillick, Wicht, Gillick & Graf

6300 W Bluemound Rd

Milwaukee, WI 53213-4147

Phone: (414) 257-2667

Fax: (414) 257-9297

Email: sradtke@gillickwicht.com

Atty. Richard F. Rice, Fox & Fox



Madison Office                         Milwaukee Office                        Chicago Office

124 West Broadway                   735 West Wisconsin Avenue     105 West Madison St.

Monona, WI 53716                    12th Floor                                          Suite 2200

(608)258-9588 x307[phone]    Milwaukee, WI 53233                 Chicago, Illinois 60602

(608)258-9105 [fax]                    (414)326-3260[phone]                (312)602-3203[phone]

(414)224-1411 [fax]

Atty. Rebecca Lynn Salawdeh- Salawdeh Law Office LLC

7119 W North Ave

Milwaukee, WI 53213-1810

Phone: (414) 455-0117

Fax: (414) 918-4517

Email: rebecca@salawdehlaw.com


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