Unemployment Attorney WI- No Fee Unless You Win

WI Unemployment - No Fees Unless You Win

If you are a Wisconsin worker with an unemployment hearing coming up, please consider legal representation from DVG Law Partner and attorney Michael Brown.

The majority of our clients have won their unemployment hearings.

No legal fees are owed unless you win your unemployment benefits.  We do require a trust (deposit) payment. If you do not win unemployment benefits, no fee is owed and the trust payment is returned to you.  More information, and FAQs, are below.

If you are interested in possible representation, please contact mbrown@dvglawpartner.com.

No Fee Unless You Win Your Unemployment Benefits

No legal fees are owed unless you win your unemployment benefits. When DVG and attorney Brown are retained, we require an advance payment that is held in trust.  If you win your unemployment matter, that trust payment is then paid to DVG as legal fees.  If you lose your unemployment matter, the trust payment is returned to you.

About Unemployment Services and Attorney Michael Brown

Attorney Michael Brown (who authors this blog) represents employees for unemployment hearings throughout Wisconsin, and authors blog articles about WI unemployment issues.  Most of Michael’s employee-clients have been successful in winning unemployment benefits.

Unemployment Legal Services

Legal representation includes: (1) attorney’s review of your documentation and information; (2) communications and correspondence about your unemployment matter; (3) consultation with the attorney to prepare for your hearing; (4) the attorney prepares for hearing testimony and exhibits; (5) the attorney attends the hearing with you and represents you; and (6) agency appeal work, where applicable.

Contact Us

To learn more about our legal services for unemployment matters, please contact DVG attorney Michael Brown at mbrown@dvglawpartner.com.  Also, you read below about Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and answers concerning unemployment legal services.


Is It Really Right I Don’t Have to Pay Any Legal Fees Unless I Win– Are There Hidden Costs?

No, there are no hidden costs.  You don’t have to pay any fee for unemployment legal services unless you win your unemployment benefits.

Is Every Worker Eligible for These Legal Services?

We offer to represent most Wisconsin workers who contact us for unemployment representation. For all unemployment matters where we offer representation, we offer the pay-only-if-you win arrangement. However, in certain situations we decline to represent workers.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss your situation, at no charge.  We can promptly confirm whether we would be available to represent you.

Does Your Firm Represent Workers in All Areas of Wisconsin?

Yes.  We do try to limit travel, and DVG may seek to arrange phone or video communications with you, and may ask the State allow a phone appearance by DVG.  The State’s unemployment office is generally flexible with such arrangements, and on those occasions where unemployment hearings have been conducted by phone, the majority of DVG’s worker clients have won their hearings.  The State is conducting an increased number of unemployment hearings entirely by phone (whether or not DVG’s appearance by phone is requested).

What Is the Legal Fee Amount I’d Pay if I Won My Unemployment Benefits?

For many workers, the fee is $940, although the fee can vary.  If you contact our office, we can assess and tell you exactly what your fee would be if you decide to retain us and later win your unemployment benefits.

What Does the Fee Cover, and Is It Worth It?

What you “get” for the fee are (1) legal advice; (2) help preparing for the hearing, and the most important issues and evidence; and (3) an increased chance of winning.

Generally speaking, the more weeks of unemployment benefits you expect to be at issue, the more important it is that you win your hearing, and the more important it is you carefully prepare for the hearing, whether that means getting an attorney and/or taking other measures to prepare.