Free Legal Resources – WI Employee Rights

The following resources and organizations provide free legal assistance for certain Wisconsin employee-rights matters.  If you are interested in learning more, please contact these organizations, if applicable:

Unemployment (Wisconsin Workers Only)

Visit this website for a list of free WI unemployment legal advice and resources:

Employee Rights – Disability or Medical Issues

Disability Rights Wisconsin (provides free legal services to eligible employees with legal matters relating to disability and medical issues)

131 W. Wilson St., Suite 700

Madison, WI 53703


Toll Free: 800-928-8778

General WI Employee-Rights Issues

Legal Action of Wisconsin (assists with several types of employee rights issues)

Legal Action has several different regional offices throughout Wisconsin. You can locate a local office to contact by visiting this Legal Action website:

Neighborhood Law Project, University of Wisconsin Law School (assists with certain employment law issues): 




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