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Don’t File or Prolong a Lawsuit “Out of Principle”

This is a tip not only for employees, but also for employers and anyone else who is thinking about litigation.

If you are thinking of filing a civil lawsuit, or gearing up for a vigorous defense of a lawsuit (e.g. “we’re not going to pay that s.o.b. a dime”), you should know that starting or prolonging a lawsuit is only good for a select few things (see below).

What a lawsuit is NOT good at doing is proving a “principle,” or obtaining any type of emotional satisfaction.  To the contrary, the longer the litigation goes, both parties in a lawsuit usually become more and more emotionally-drained.  Usually, both parties, and especially the defendant/respondent, become more financially-drained over time.  (This disadvantage does not apply to the parties’ lawyers, who often get paid more the longer things go).

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