Have You Encountered the Use of “Meat Glue” (aka Activa, Transglutaminase, Fibrimex or Fibrin) By a Meat Product Company or Restaurant?

Are you aware of a meat supplier or restaurant selling “meat-glued” meat– e.g. a “filet” of meat that was actually made of smaller meat scraps “glued” together– and not labeling the meat in a way customers would understand that’s the case?  If so and you are interested in discussing this privately, please call attorney Michael Brown at 920-757-2488, or please email Attorney Brown at mbrown@dvglawpartner.com.

We are investigating meat suppliers’ and restaurants’ use of the product commonly referred to as “meat glue.”  This product is being used by some meat product companies and restaurants to bind (“glue”) together scraps of meat into a single piece, and sell it as if it were one cut of higher-grade meat (e.g. a “filet”).  There may be false advertising or consumer law violations in certain situations, if meat-glued products are not being correctly labeled as the law requires.

The meat-glue substance itself is a powder mix, sold under the brand names Activa or Fibrimex.  The Activa product is made with the enzyme transglutaminase, also called TG or TGase.  The Fibrimex product is made with the enzyme fibrin.

Again, please contact me at phone or email address above if you’ve encountered someone’s use of meat glue to improperly handle or sell meat.


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