Indianapolis News Station Report About Our H-1B Worker Class Action Versus Access Therapies

An Indianapolis TV station, ABC-affiliate RTV6, recently released a published news report and video about a case the attorney-authors are working on, Panwar et. al. v. Access Therapies et. al.

This federal class action lawsuit was filed on behalf of a proposed class of H-1B workers against Access Therapies, Inc., RN Staff Inc. d/b/a Rehability Care, and an associated representative of the companies. The lawsuit alleges that Access Therapies and related entities systematically “bench” and underpay H-1B workers as part of a scheme that violates civil laws including forced labor laws, wage laws, contract law, and the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO).

The RTV6 news report discusses the case, and interviews various attorneys about the case and Access Therapies.

The attorney-authors Michael Brown and Vonda Vandaveer are among the attorneys representing the H-1B worker who filed the lawsuit, along with attorney Daniel Kotchen and Kotchen & Low LLP.

Please contact attorney Michael Brown at 920-757-2488 if you have any information or questions about the case.

You can also link here to review more information about the Access Therapies case and the latest Complaint, which details the case allegations about H-1B workers being underpaid and mistreated.


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