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Employees and Other Readers- Your Comments and Feedback Are Welcomed and Appreciated

I wanted to thank those of you who have been reading this blog.  The number of visitors has been going up, and I hope this means that you are finding some information to be interesting or helpful.

If anyone has comments, feedback, or questions, please feel free to post Comments on the blog.  In particular, I’d be interested in your feedback about: (1) whether the Employee Tip- posts have been of help to you employees out there; (2) what you would like to see improved with the blog; and (3) whether there are any additional employment law issues you would like me to write about.

Thanks again for reading the blog, and again I’d be happy to hear your comments and suggestions.


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Employee Tip: Problems Getting in Touch With an Employee Rights Attorney?

If you are an employee who is having trouble getting in touch with an employee rights attorney, please know two things: (1) your frustrations are entirely understandable- chances are, you are calling about serious, and perhaps urgent, employment issues that seriously affect your life and income; and (2) there are often several legitimate reasons (having nothing to do with anything negative about you) why an attorney cannot speak to you as soon as you’d like or need.

My best advice for you is this: research and find one or two employee rights attorneys who strike you as knowledgeable (or are recommended as knowledgeable by a reliable source) and be politely persistent until you get a chance to speak to one of those attorneys.

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Surveillance and Distrust

There is an interesting article at law.com about employers who spy and use surveillance on employees who are on medical leave.

The employers’ main argument boils down to this: many employees abuse medical leave, and surveillance is needed to bust the wrongdoers, some of whom are busted while bowling or otherwise doing highly questionable things while on medical leave.

The employees’ main argument: surveillance of employees is over-intrusive, and just because an employee on medical leave is “caught” doing an everyday task (e.g. mowing the lawn) doesn’t mean the employee is faking a medical condition (e.g. faking the panic attacks that the doctor recommended a week off of work to attend to).

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