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Employee Tip: Things to Consider Before Filing a Discrimination Complaint at the Wisconsin ERD or EEOC

If you are an employee thinking of filing a discrimination complaint with the Wisconsin Equal Rights Division (ERD) or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), there are several things you may want to consider before submitting the complaint.

Please note this post does not provide legal advice- if you want legal advice, you should contact an attorney and discuss your specific circumstances. If you are interested in legal assistance from attorney-author Michael Brown for your matter, you can contact Mr. Brown and his law firm DVG Law Partner here:

First, you can review ERD’s website here for information about Wisconsin’s discrimination law, the Wisconsin Fair Employment Act (WFEA), and about filing a complaint at ERD. You can also review EEOC’s information about filing a complaint (also called a “charge”) here. Continue reading



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Employee Tip: Important Questions to Ask When Hiring an Attorney

Below is an article I wrote about important questions a client should ask when hiring an attorney. I submitted the draft article to a business magazine, so the examples are written for the perspective of an employer-client who is seeking an attorney, rather than that of an employee-client. However, the questions and recommendations apply equally well to an employee-client, or to any client seeking legal representation for any legal matter (employment law, tax law, real estate, etc. etc.).
Important Questions to Ask When Hiring an Attorney

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