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Appealing WI Unemployment Initial Determination– Be Careful When Stating “Reason” in Your Appeal Form/Letter

If you are a Wisconsin worker who lost your initial determination for unemployment benefits, the next step is to submit a timely appeal.  An appeal can be submitted online here, or via a letter.  When submitting the appeal, you should be very careful to follow the instructions closely, and to submit the appeal before the deadline.  The initial determination form you received will state the deadline, and the instructions for filing an appeal via internet or letter.

One mistake I see many WI workers make, is that they will state the reasons for their appeal in too much detail, and often volunteer details that are unnecessary or even harmful for their case.

For example, I have seen some workers’ appeal letters (or internet form boxed like that above) state something like this for reasons for an appeal : “Appeal Reason: My employer lied, and targeted me for a discriminatory termination… [followed by paragraphs or pages of explanation about why the employee is in the right, the employer is in the wrong, etc.]…

Usually, statements like this are irrelevant and a bad idea.

Please consider the article information below before you write down reasons for your appeal…

Please note this post does not provide legal advice- if you want legal advice, you must talk to an attorney about your specific situation. If you are interested in legal assistance from attorney-author Michael Brown or his law firm DVG Law Partner for your Wisconsin unemployment matter, please contact us here:

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