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Were You a Shareholder Who Was Removed or Financially Harmed By Majority Shareholders or Board of Directors? You May Have Strong WI Law Rights (Even Without a Contract)

In some instances, a shareholder of a company is also employed by that company, and compensated via salary, bonuses, dividends or other financial benefits.  If you were a shareholder of a Wisconsin company and were removed from duties or suffered financial loss due to actions of majority shareholders or board of directors, you may have strong legal rights.  These rights may exist even if you did not have a contract, and even if you were labeled an “at will” employee.

Below I give an overview of what at-will employment is.  Then I explain why a Wisconsin at-will employee– if he or she is a shareholder deprived of employment or income– may have strong legal rights notwithstanding an “at-will” label or a lack of a contract.  Continue reading


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