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Hit a Grand Slam Sale, And Thrown a Lowball Commission? Don’t Get Beaned.

ImageAs an attorney who practices in contractor rights and worker rights issues, I encounter many different underpayment scenarios.  While all income theft is troubling, it’s particularly tough to encounter those folks who are made victims of their own success.  Namely, it’s hard to see a commissioned worker or contractor make a huge sale — earning them a fixed (and large) commission under a contract or commission plan– and at that point, the benefiting company tries to change the deal.  It’s as if you can see the wheels turning in the company rep’s mind right after the sale: “I didn’t know you’d make that kind of sale, and a 10% commission could be that much.  I think I’ll throw the company’s weight around, and get you to accept something less so I get more.”

If you find yourself in this situation, you’ll certainly feel great pressure.  The pressure of wanting to keep what you rightfully earned, versus the pressure of not wanting to lose your entire job or contract if the company you’re dealing with is willing to go to serious lengths in throwing its weight around.  This article proposes factors to consider if you find yourself in this situation.

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