H-1B End Clients With Blind Eyes?

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The attorney-authors have represented many H-1B workers, some of whom have done project work for some of the biggest companies in the U.S.  Some things that seem remarkable to us: (1) the epidemic of H-1B workers across the country who are underpaid or not paid during benched time and are not paid, underpaid or have delayed payment, even during project time; (2) the fact that this epidemic of H-1B underpayment is well-known in large social circles, including H-1B sponsor employers themselves, immigration attorneys, etc.; (3) the fact that many large U.S.-based corporations themselves sponsor H-1B workers (whom they usually pay their full required wages), BUT the same large employers often employ, as independent consultants for project work, H-1B consultants whose H-1B visas are sponsored by other, smaller, body-shop employers who systematically underpay the workers and violate H-1B laws per their business models and systemic practices.

Our question: don’t these large end-clients (at least some of them) know that their project consultants are sponsored by H-1B-bodyshops who underpay and mistreat the workers?

It seems implausible that so many large U.S. corporations use bodyshop H-1B consultants, but are not aware that these same workers are often victims of exploitation by their sponsor employers.  Are big companies turning a blind eye, and knowingly accepting the benefits of H-1B bodyshops’ dirty work?  We’d be curious for our readers’ thoughts on this issue.

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  1. Loint

    There is a huge discrimination and harassment for H1B workers in USA. People come to USA thinking there are good opportunities but these sponsors and even end clients (especially Indian Managers) will literally harass H1B employees and exploit their weakness (as in they would have left their jobs back home, they need to find other job and shift to new places, etc.. )

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