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An Excellent Article With Cites/Authority For Employee Rights Attorneys

For you employee rights attorneys out there who deal with federal summary judgment motions and common employer arguments, including those arguments that over-rely on the credibility of employer (interested) witnesses, this article is a must read:

Preserving the Right to a Jury Trial by Preventing Adverse Credibility Inferences at Summary Judgment,” by attorney Matthew C. Koski, of The Employee Rights Advocacy Institute For Law & Policy.

This article has a very good discussion of the legal authority, and includes case law and cites that every employee rights attorney could use to help their employee-clients in federal summary judgment practice.


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$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ www.dollarsordemocracy.org #WeThePeople

The U.S. Supreme Court claims that money is the same thing as speech. And now because of the 2010 Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission ruling, huge corporations can spend unlimited amounts of money to influence elections. This decision opened the floodgates for corporate money to drown out the voices of real people in politics.

Join the online protest against corporate money drowning out the voices of real people. $peak out and update your status to:

#WeThePeople will #reclaim

Spread the word far and wide by clicking on the links below.

We The People

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