Wage Issues? Tip #4: Keep Documentation

This post continues my series of tips, or things to consider, for workers with unpaid wages.

Tip #4 is this: Keep documentation if you think you may pursue payment of unpaid wages.

4 - Stack of paper
Image by dblancquaert via Flickr

If there is a chance you may try to recover unpaid wages from an employer (now or in the future), it is very important you keep complete documentation of all that’s going on.

This means: (1) hold on to all paystubs; (2) hold on to any other documents (e.g. contract, bonus plan/policy, emailed complaints about wages, etc.) that relate to wages; and (3) create a journal of relevant issues.

For example, if the employer is deducting 1.0 hour of wages for a lunch hour that you had in fact worked through, and you made a spoken complaint to your boss who failed to act, record a journal of such facts each time they occur. Later, it can be of great help to you that you have documentation supporting events that relate to unpaid wages.

This tip of keeping documentation may sound obvious, but it is an easy thing to forget or overlook, especially as time passes.

Stay on top of things, and maintain (and organize) all documents relating to wages, if you’re considering an attempt to pursue the unpaid wages, either via a legal action or informal request, down the road.



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