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Deutsch Pulled from the Air by MSNBC for Criticizing Olbermann: Progressives Playing the Cronyism Game

MSNBC pulls Donny Deutsch’s TV show off the air because he references (the truth) that Keith Olbermann is an angry media personality.  Goes to show that so-called progressives can lose their grip on journalistic integrity, and promote cronyism over the truth.

Donny Deutsch Sidelined At MSNBC Over Keith Olbermann Segment

Donny Deutsch has been pulled from MSNBC’s 3PM hour after including Keith Olbermann in a montage of angry media personalities.

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Article “Understanding Conflict Dynamics” By J. Kim Wright

This is an interesting article about conflict resolution by J. Kim Wright, posted on the American Bar Association website.

The article is geared toward lawyers.  But its advice applies well for anyone involved in any type of conflict, including those of you involved in employment disputes.

The article describes five conflict-handling- personality traits: (1) the conflict avoider; (2) the accommodating style; (3) the competing style; (4) the compromising style; and (5) the collaborating style.

Each trait is discussed, as well as its pros and cons, and good and bad situations where each trait should be considered.

One described trait jumped out at me: the competing style, a type of communication I constantly see MISUSED in the employment context.  As the article puts it:

The competing style is assertive and uncooperative—a competing individual pursues his or her own concerns at the other person’s expense. This is a power-oriented mode, in which one uses whatever power seems appropriate to win one’s own position: one’s ability to argue, one’s rank, economic sanctions. Competing might mean “standing up for your rights,” defending a position that you believe is correct, or simply trying to win.

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WI Anti-Bullying Bill, Part II: What Could it Mean for Workforces and Employers if Enacted?

Wisconsin’s anti-bullying bill, if enacted, would prohibit employers’ “abusive conduct” that cause employees “tangible harm.”

I wrote a post here that summarizes the bill.

This post (Part II) speculates what effects the bill could have, in real-life, if enacted.  (If you don’t want my opinion, stop here! :)).

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CEO: The Idea That Regulators Care More About Coal Miners’ Safety than Cos. Do Is “As Silly As Global Warming”

Here is a youtube video of Don Blankenship, the CEO of West Virginia coal co. involved in the recent tragedy.

Mr. Blankenship, dressed in American flag apparel, and appearing at an anti-union rally on Labor Day (9/7/09), states:

“… I know that the safety and health of coal miners is my most important job… But … I also know that Washington and state politicians have no idea how to improve miner safety. The very idea that they care more about coal miner safety than we do is as silly as global warming.”

I don’t want to jump on the bandwagon against this man, or make assumptions that he does not feel sadness or remorse about what happened.  But the larger point, to me, is this: we all need to subject ourselves to competent and independently-enforced laws, so there will be barriers to our own destructive self-interests, intentions and mistakes.

We should know we need to be saved from ourselves and our own dark or careless forces.  See this post about cloverleaf on-ramps for more on this concept.

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Workplace Anti-Bullying Bill Considered By Wisconsin Legislature, Part I

State Capital, Madison Wisconsin
Image by Rustic Roads via Flickr

Wisconsin legislators are considering enactment of a bill, 2009 Assembly Bill 894, that prohibits workplace bullying by employers.

The bill seeks to prohibit abusive work environments in Wisconsin, and to allow a worker subjected to such an environment to bring a civil legal claim.

Importantly, a civil claim would be filed in a Wisconsin county court, as opposed to federal court or an administrative agency like the Wisconsin Equal Rights Division or EEOC (i.e. agencies that handle discrimination complaints).

This post summarizes the bill, its legal requirements, its potential benefits for WI employees, and potential liabilities for employers.

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