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Welcome; About the Blog

Welcome to the Employee Rights Wisconsin blog. The blog will provide: (1) information to Employees (especially Wisconsin employees) about their legal rights; and (2) information to Attorneys and others who are interested in employee rights, client rights and legal practice management issues.

My name is Michael Brown, and I am an attorney at the law firm of DVG Law Partner LLC. I represent employees in employment law matters.  I assist employees with matters concerning:

Unpaid Wages Visa Worker Fraud Discrimination & Harassment
Contracts (Including Severances, Non-Competes) Shareholder & Executive Disputes Wrongful Discharge and Retaliation
Class Actions Whistleblowing Unemployment Benefits

I have represented hundreds of employees with diverse jobs, backgrounds, and nationalities. My clients have included entry-level workers, visa workers, and professionals and executives from large organizations.

You can contact me here:

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